Teaching yoga is a practice, a discipline, that demands you to live with as much integrity and compassion as you can reach!

I’m trusting in the true potential of this practice which brings me a sense of ease and peace knowing that I am exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I am doing.


I’m passionate about benefits accessible within the practice of yoga, that can become part of our daily routines. My dedication to the yogic path has allowed me to merge the wisdom and healing power of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga into a language accessible to everyone.

Profound education comes out of long term and continuous practice, that allows you to get the sincere reflection on your-Self.


Teacher Training 200 hours (NAVA yoga; RYS Gaia yoga) 2016. started the program Yoga Play for Kids, and completed the Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher training course.


Teacher Training RYT 500 with Petra Carmichael (RYS Divya yoga) 2016. Teacher Training program 600 hours with Marco Bianco (Pink Elephant Yoga Institute)

Since 2014

I continue to be guided and inspired by Matthew Sweeney in his studies and teaching.


I have completed Vinyasa Krama Level II Teacher training and am authorized to The Chandra Krama (Moon Sequence) & Ashtanga Primary Series Led Class Teaching www.yogatemple.com